Windows, fascias and other options



Tmber windows
All buildingshave a fixed timber window included as standard. Factory preservative treated and single glazed, we normally fit a 4′ (1.22m) fixed window into our standard height buildings. (Standard window width for 7′ 6″ (2.29m) to eaves is 3′ (0.91m) wide, as the standard panels are 1′ 6″ (0.46m) wide in our extra high range). Although factory treated with preservative, timber windows will need additional treatment. Also available in 2′ (0.61m) (or 1′ 6″ (0.46m) for extra high) width.



pvcu windows

We offer PVCu double glazed windows, fixed and opening, in White or Decograin Golden Oak or Rosewood also available in Georgian Wired or Obscured glass.

Windows (and personnel doors) cannot be positioned to take the place of the two panels making up a corner, front or rear, or directly underneath a roof truss.



All shapes (except Pent Mansard) are supplied with timber fascias and vergeboards as standard.

Available as an option, we offer maintenance free fascias in White PVCu, with Decograin Golden Oak and Rosewood upgrades.




OIptional PVCu guttering is supplied with downpipe and shoe, and is offered in White, Black or Brown

Shelf stack
Available in 2′ (0.62m), 4′ (1.22m) and 6′ (1.83m) widths.

Lining clips
Galvanised clips to fix timber ‘grounds’ to the concrete wall so you can line your building, or fix a consumer unit or electrical switch.
Shelf Stack
An internal dividing wall will give you the ability to create a Workshop/Shed, Storeroom or Garden Room at the end of your building.
Sand & Cement fillet
We can lay a sand and cement fillet to help prevent water getting under the concrete wall panels.

Timber Weather Bar
Again, we can supply a Timber Weather Bar to help prevent water and debris blowing under the up and over door (Not necessary with Rollershutter/Sectional doors).