Wall finishes & Front Posts

A garage/shed or workshop is a significant addition to any property. We all want our homes to look their best for our own enjoyment and also to improve their value wherever possible.


The beauty of the flexible LidgetCompton range is that all our finishes are available on all of our range, whether you want a garage, shed, workshop, garden room or lean-to – the choice is yours. The choice that we offer maximises the appearance of your building, enhances kerb appeal and blends in just that bit better.



Spar finish, standard across our range, was chosen because it blends with almost any type of property. The substantial size of the spa chipping gives a rugged finish.

Brick or Stone

Most house in the UK are built from brick, which is why we introduced our Sectional Brick range. A unique and patented wall finish, it is factory applied to our concrete panels and the finished building looks like a traditional building, but at a fraction of the price. The choice of Red, Deep Red, Brown of Buff Brick finishes ensures that our buildings will match most houses. Red and Buff brick finish is also available with “Accent colours” (a complimentary shading colour added to the occasional brick). And, if you live in an area of predominantly stone buildings, we offer two sectional Stone Effect finishes as well, Cotswold and Pennine.

LidgetCompton Smooth textured finish

Don’t want Brick or Stone? Why not look at the LidgetCompton Smooth Textured finish range? A resin-based render finish, site applied, amazingly durable with good looks to match – and we can supply in a colour to match your house. With no joins and looking like a traditionally rendered building, again at a fraction of the price of traditional construction, we offer four different colourways, White, Magnolia, French Stone or Palace Grey.


Any of the alternative finishes can be supplied to front and one side,two sides and front, one side only… the choice is yours.