Few would argue with the fact that the Victorians knew a thing or two about elegance. The new cedar greenhouse from Alton is a celebration of classic Victorian style. Manufactured, delivered and installed by skilled craftsmen, an Alton Victorian can transform your leisure time and become a focal point of your garden.

The high 45 degree roof pitch and the tall narrow panes provide distinctive style. Extra height in conjunction with good ventilation provided by climate controlled automatic roof vents ensures more air is circulating – a must for healthier plants and more produce. The Alton Victorian is crafted using only the highest quality Western Red Cedar from sustainable sources. The cedar is then treated with either a natural golden honey preservative, or coated in a special white or green paint to look superb in any garden setting.

Alton Victorian greenhouses are available in three widths 1963mm (6’ 5¼”), 2331mm (7’ 7¾”) and 3061mm (10’ 0½”) all available in a choice of seven lengths from 1625mm (5’ 4″) to 6236mm (20’ 5″). Alton Victorian Greenhouses use only toughened safety glass conforming to BS6206 – class A. In addition, all Alton greenhouses feature a 10-year framework guarantee