Main Doors – Up & Over

horman-logoThe largest part of your garage visible from the road, the main door has the biggest effect on the appearance of your building.

That’s why we offer perhaps the largest choice of main doors, sizes, styles and colours so you can make your building personal to you.


We use Hörman doors to supply our up and over range. Hörman are the biggest door supplier in Europe – and for good reason! Massive amounts of money have been spent on research and development to ensure that the doors function supremely well, last (they have a ten year safe and reliable operation guarantee) and look good too.

Our standard up and over doors are all preframed, fully retractable and supplied ready hung for immediate use. This means that each door is factory fitted and will operate at it’s maximum. Made from galvanised steel, powder-coated for long life, the style and colour choice is unbeaten. These are not the cheapest doors available, but they are the best.


All of our garages are supplied with the up and over door positioned centrally. Depending on the width of your building, the door can be positioned to the left or right hand side, to facilitate an offset drive. On the larger buildings, a personnel door can be fitted in addition to the main door.

Our single garages have one up and over as standard and our doubles have two


The range is supplied in the six styles shown below.



The range is supplied in White Powdercoat finish as standard, with the option of Decograin Golden Oak or Rosewood, or a choice of 6 colours.


Our buildings are supplied as standard with either a 7′ (2.13m), 8′ (2.44m), 9′ (2.74m) or 10′ (3.05m) wide door. We have listed the other upgrades available in our Price Guide (pages 18 – 19). In our domestic range, main doors are supplied at a standard height of 6′ 6″ (1.98m), and also supplied 7′ (2.13m) and 7′ 6″ (2.29m), depending on the building height.

Up and over door

Extra point locking

Available on doors up to 9′ (2.74m) wide, giving additional security with 4 point locking.

No up and over door

If you have your own door, we will build the garage leaving the opening for you to fit your own door. More typically, if you want to specify a Workshop building, we will infill the front elevation and replace the up and over door with a standard 3′ (0.92m) wide personnel door, at no extra charge. You have the facility to put in a window as well as the personnel door, if required.

Side hung timber doors

Manufactured on site, we offer side hung timber doors. Framed, ledged and braced, they are supplied in 7′ (2.13m) and 7′ (2.44m)  widths and standard height, 6′ 6″ (1.98m).


Add a main door in the rear wall to give full access to ground to the rear when access is restricted.


Remote Control